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I am a self-taught programmer who started programming in low-level languages to execute projects around Arduino & Atmel microcontrollers. It was then when I discovered my passion for coding. On my way I had an epiphany that control and perception are challenging things in Artificial Intelligence - this led me to Machine Learning. I have been working on a variety of problems in the areas of Machine Learning. As a passionate Machine Learning Engineer, I like to explore the jungle of data. My survival arsenal contains: Python, Pandas, Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib and Scikit-learn.

When I am not sitting in front of a computer, I enjoy volunteering at Janwaar Castle where I learn skateboarding from Janwaar kids.



Machine Learning Engineer


✦ Responsible for a mix of general python software development, Full stack web development, and applied machine learning for the Prodigy Teams product.

May 2022 - Present

Lead Data Scientist

Episource LLC

✦ Led a Natural Language Processing (NLP) division - a team of data scientists and subject matter experts (SMEs) - to build an NLP-powered product that extracts diagnosis, procedures, and medical services from medical records and translate them into alphanumeric codes (ICD-10).

✦ Built a Clinical NLP engine comprised of - NER, domain-specific rules based components, NLI modules - right from data annotation at scale to deploying to production.
✦ Built Scalable Data Processing pipeline using Apache Spark on AWS Stack to process thousands of charts on daily basis.

Dec 2017 - April 2022

Machine Learning Engineer

Juxt Smart Mandate

✦ Built algorithms to extract multiple features from unstructured medical text - section headers, dates and temporal expressions
✦ Assisted in developing Content-based recommendation engine for video streaming platform.

April 2016 - Nov 2017


Janwaar Castle

Janwaar Castle is India’s First Rural Skateboarding Park in Janwaar, Madhya Pradesh. I help kids by repairing skateboards, install educational apps in the crowd-funded tablets for interactive learning, supporting them in their needs when they come to a city. And looking forward to contributing to Rural Maker Space.

July 2015 - Current

Software Engineering Intern

Juxt Smart Mandate

Exploratory Data Analysis on client's data, Data visualisation using D3.js and honed skills in Full-Stack Web development.

August 2015 - March 2016

Hardware Designer

OpenEnvironment Team

India Open Data Association (IODA)

IODA's journey started in Kumbhathon 5 with an idea to produce cost-effective & scalable devices which could assess the air quality during Kumbh Mela & make this environmental data open for public use. I contributed by doing Hardware setup and the firmware design of the environment monitoring devices.

June 2015 - November 2015

Student Innovator

MIT Kumbhathon

Kumbhathon is a buildathon conducted by MIT Media Lab, USA to expose the city’s pressing issues and generate meaningful solutions. I was part of Kumbhathon 4,5,6 where I worked on two projects:
1. Crowd Management through mobile subscription pings during Kumbh Mela
2. OpenEnvironment Project

January 2015 - August 2015

Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering

University of Mumbai

With inclination towards Robotics, I used to tinker with Arduino and AVR microcontrollers projects. Soon, I had an epiphany to focus on Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.

2011 - 2015


Code Walkthrough: Tablib, a Python Module for Tabular Datasets

October 8, 2018

Neural Networks And Deep Learning Book Chapter 1 Exercise 1.2 Solution

September 5, 2018

Neural Networks And Deep Learning Book Chapter 1 Exercise 1.1 Solution

September 4, 2018

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